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Hello old friend, sorry if I’ve been away. There have been a lot of games to make / play. I promise to pay you more attention. Although I do think you should listen to mastodons new album, it’s highly addictive . Peas and blub.

Game Development Diary: Days 3 - 5

No video today, as you would just be watching similar stuff.

I’m going to break this down into 2 halves. Things I have had success in, and things I have not.


I have managed to increase graphics by spending more time on them. I have a new touch pad thingy! its pretty cool and really good for getting all the details in smaller places. Backgrounds and tiles looking good.

Score System enhanced by adding coins, creating more of an objective.

Left and right direction speed increased allowing better movement in air.


Floating cloud.


Spring boards.

Upwards shooter (bonus level)

All these will be incorporated into the game! When I know how.

Good News! - I’m looking for people to help me with the art work. If you want to be apart of Digital Teabag let me know :)

This is the second day of my Game Dev Diary.

Today I tried to work less on the sprites and more on movment.

Added bouncing and prolonged gravity effects. Sound and a title screen has been added which is fun but the sounds are not my original recordings. All Graphics are though (Even though thats nothing to brag about). Only one level with a score counter (+500 per goal). I think tomorrow I am going to work on my sprites and graphics, maybe some orginal sounds too.

Hopefully get this a little more polished and publish it on the web. :)

If feel comfortable with this stuff now. its not all so mathy-cody-ballbags any more.



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